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JOs Body Shop NY Massage SERVICES + Practices + Gift Certificates

The Shop uses a variety of massage practices, including table Shiatsu, pressure-point and trigger point therapy, hydrotherapy, energy practices, healing stones, color therapy, aromatherapy and more. Your skilled body mechanic specializes in analysis, function and a "wholistic" approach to the body electric. Remember that? JO mixes her own blends of oils for particular seasons and therapeutic treatments. She makes hand-made products and wares available at the Shop. Below are various descriptions of massage modalities and shop practices for your information and selection.


Deep Tissue/Integrative/Special Modalities - (using all tools necessary in our shop)

1hr / $150  •  1.5hrs / $200  •  2hrs / $250

Off-site visits within a 10 mile radius are charged an additional $75. For further distances, please call for an estimate.

NYS LMT / NCBTMB Licensed Bodywork / Board Certified Hydrotherapy / ICA Certified Medical Cupping / NPI.
Fully Insured / CPR. Life experienced.

Credit Cards Accepted •  Gift Certificates • 10% off your next massage when you refer our services.


Design your own Gift Certificates. Choose from a variety of delivery systems. For a convenient and practical giving experience. 


Gua Sha/Graston Technique (without using Graston Tools)

Instrument assisted tissue manipulation - great for any contracted muscles/fascia/scar tissue/adhesions and limited ROM. I trained in MOD 1 Graston Technique. However, I use different tools which does not allow me to advertise myself as a Graston Therapist.

CFS/ME Treatment - Using the Perrin Technique 

COVID 19 has unfortunately changed people and human interaction. COVID symptoms are vast and varied among us - whether we are tested positive or negative we are prompted to be aware of our health and well being during this time. COVID attacks the immune system and lymphatic system which is meant to keep us healthy and fighting infection or virus. A consequence of COVID, that so many people are experiencing, is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - when we feel absolutely exhausted after little or no bodily or mental exertion. I have trained with Dr. Perrin - and this technique is so helpful and promising in addressing such a debilitating reality as those with CFS/ME.

Swedish Massage

Massage strokes that move venous centripetally, towards the heart. It increases the body's blood and lymphatic circulation, assists in relieving pain and stress, and induces a state of deep relaxation. Also used to identify distress or trigger points.

Deep Tissue / Connective Tissue / Myofascial Release / Trigger Point

In order to successfully treat deep tissue metabolic exchange and restructuring, it is necessary to manipulate the superficial and deep fascia (the body’s glue or clear wrap which holds us together) through Myofascial release. Upon warming the tissues, deep and continuous pressure 
​strokes release muscle contractions which often reveal “trigger points,” recognized and described as a “knot.” A trigger point is a localized area of hyper-irritability/tonicity within muscle tissue which can cause radiant and referred pain. Trigger point therapy applies deep Cyriax friction to an isolated area followed by flushing strokes. Relax, disperse, feed and then flush the muscle tissue.

Medical / Neuromuscular Massage

Medical massage addresses specific conditions through anatomy and physiology in order to help recovery from illness, disease, pain and injury. This customized session may include practices from any of the massage modalities listed on this page. The treatment can be focused on your specific problem area and on adjacent or complimentary muscle groups to assist healing and recovery. As above, so below.

Cupping /Biomagnetic Therapy

Decompressing the bodies tissues to treat pain, blood flow, muscle function and to expedite healing post-surgery/injury is an ancient alternative medical practice. Air pressure provides a natural suction of tissue/myofascial release using glass or plastic cups. Additionally polarized magnets assist with healing, pain-relief and cellular reorganization. This therapy provides lymphatic/muscle/tendon/connective tissue support. Facial cupping is used to rejuvenate and help with TMJD/sinus/lymphatic congestion.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A very light and gentle directive massage used to enhance lymphatic flow and movement. The lymphatic system is our secondary circulatory system protecting us from pathogens and supporting our immunity. Lymph congestion can cause pain and excess swelling as the bodies interstitial and cellular waste is not optimally processed. A necessary practice for pre and post surgical candidates; liposuction; breast surgery or node removal.

Cranial Sacral Therapy/Somato-Emotional Release

Using a very gentle touch for a very deep change, CST focuses on the cerebral spinal rhythm and fluid to assist the nervous system into homeostasis. The therapy releases compressed bones and tissue in the head/spine and sacrum; thus enhancing CSF flow. A deeply relaxing therapy inspiring the parasympathetic healing state, the unconscious and communication with your own "Inner Wisdom/Physician" to bring the emotional and physical body into health and balance.

Shiatsu / Table Pressure Point Therapy

An Asian-based system of finger pressure massage that uses acupuncture energy channels or meridians. Shiatsu releases blockages in the
meridians and organs, rebalancing the body's energy flow Qui of Chi. Elements of shiatsu can be incorporated into any massage, but a full session normally takes place clothed, on a soft floor-mat, with the therapist using hands, feet, elbows and knees to apply pressure to specific points seeking a rebalance of KYO (empty) and JITSU (full) pressure points. It involves movement and stretching, and feels energizing as well as deeply relaxing.

Sports Massage

Massage that involves vigorous flushing of the body systems nutrient and waste exchange. This massage addresses muscle rehabilitation to
assist repair and strengthening of muscle groups and their particular function, while helping the athlete/active person to better their competitive or personal goals. This modality involves stretching, PROM and AROM in combination with centripetally directed strokes in rapid sequence and compression.

Reflexology / Foot +Hand + Ear Massage

The foot and ear in Chinese medicine reflect all systems and structures of the body, and with specific thumb, knuckle and hand pressure many
complaints and ailments can be adjusted with Reflexology. This hand pressure to the foot can also release Uric acid crystals which can cause problems when accumulated and not released. Addtionally, Reflexology can treat deep organ inbalances - those which cannot always be addressed with soft tissue bodymassage practices.


The use of water - both cold/hot as a tool to cleanse,relax, release, stimulate, suppress and rehabilitate. Processes range from footbaths,
contrast baths, herbal /oil compresses, to cryotherapy (using direct ice to reduce pain and swelling). Hydrotherapy has been used for thousands of years to aid health and well being practices, and it is highly effective.

Reiki / Polarity Therapy / Energy Work

This form of healing involves the therapists focus and knowledge and openness of unseen issues, which reside and circulate around all of us as energy and energetic systems. Whether it be hot or cold, of a particular color, expansion or inhibition - we are forms of energy and
interacting with opposing and complimentary forces. Hands on techniques using the therapist as conduit. May involve the use of crystals, stones, and other healing devices.


Essential oils (extracted from herbs, flowers, resins, woods and roots) have been used as a powerful healing tool for thousands of years. Each oil has its own unique characteristics and benefits, and can be used alone or in a custom blend to address specific conditions, or simply to aid with relaxation. Scent can pass the blood brain barrier. All massages can include the addition of essential oils to aid healing. 

Chair Massage while Clothed

Don’t have time for a table massage? Or, it hurts too much to get on a table? Choose a chair massage which will focus primarily on your
head, neck, back and extremities. Various massage modalities can/will be incorporated into a chair massage.


Pre-Natal Massage / Infant Massage

Pre-natal massage is a very uniquely specific modality which will address the needs of a quickly changing body / mind of any expecting
mother i.e., swelling, discomfort and the need for relaxation. An awareness of the anatomical and physiological changes with pregnancy is necessary to safely treat an expecting mother; thus, assisting proper body positioning and the avoidance of contraindicated practices for each phase of pregnancy. When your baby arrives, massage practices can be used to assist in sleep, feeding/digestion, and overall development. It is also an important part of bonding and is proven to help babies reach specific developmental milestones more quickly and with ease.