Exterior detailing

Lymphatic and Swedish flushing promotes soft-tissue rehydration with Aromatherapy.

tow service

Can't get your body to the Shop? We'll come to you! Call for off-site pricing.


U Need a Break service

Swedish massage focusing on relaxation and circulation of fluids.

FLAT Tire Service

Detoxing footbath, leg massage, and Reflexology will retread those tired wheets.

Body alignment

Sports massage and Kinetic Awareness Movement realigns your vehicles chassis.

relax   enjoy   rejuvenate   rejoice  react   reflect   restore   recollect   regard   rest

Fuel systems recharge

Table Shiatsu, circulatory stimulation, Hydrotherapy and Polarity treatments.

HIGH mileage vehicles

Seniors keep your body/mind sharp and in-tune with a customized treatment.

Electrical System 

Reset your neurological system with a mind/body recalibration.

FULL Body repair

Deep tissue and neuromuscular massage targets specific injuries and chronic pain.


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