tow service

Can't get your body to the Shop? We'll come to you! Call for off-site pricing.

Body alignment

Sports massage and Kinetic Awareness Movement realigns your vehicles chassis.

   body/mind tune-up


FLAT Tire Service

Detoxing footbath, leg massage, and Reflexology will retread those tired wheets.

Exterior detailing

Lymphatic and Swedish flushing promotes soft-tissue rehydration with Aromatherapy.


HIGH mileage vehicles

Seniors keep your body/mind sharp and in-tune with a customized treatment.

M. 914.960.1367

​S.  914.737.2480


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U Need a Break service

Swedish massage focusing on relaxation and circulation of fluids.

Electrical System 

Reset your neurological system with a mind/body recalibration.

FULL Body repair

Deep tissue and neuromuscular massage targets specific injuries and chronic pain.

Fuel systems recharge

Table Shiatsu, circulatory stimulation, Hydrotherapy and Polarity treatments.